Titanium Kahnouj

Kahnouj - Kerman - IRAN


Poolad Services

Evaluation of Main Contract

Pre-construction Engineering Services

  • Process Design Review
  • Basic & Detail Design Review
  • Procurement Engineering Review

Construction & Supervision Engineering Services

  • Construction supervision
  • Installation & Erection Supervision

Test & Guarantee Supervision Engineering Services

  • Commissioning and Start up Supervision
  • Performance Test Supervision

Planning & Controlling

The project was defined in order to establish a semi-industrial  plant to extract 13 tons/hr eliminate concentrate of Kahnooj eliminate mine in Kerman province which conclude preparation of general industrial plans; production line, machineries and main equipment specifications; design of industrial buildings and relative mechanical and electrical utilities; preparing of tender documents; and supervision on provision, erection, construction and commissioning of plant and related coordination’s of all activities related directly to production line

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