Khuzestan Pellet Plant

Khuzestan - IRAN

PELLETIZING PLANT (Production Improvement)

KSC - Pellet Plant

Ahwaz Steel Complex (NISCO, 1.55 MT/Y )
Steel Melt shop No. 2
Modification of Water Treatment Plant start date: 1986


Poolad Services

Project management

Pre-construction Engineering Services

  • Basic Design Review
  • Detail Design
  • Procurement Engineering Review
  • Contractors Selection (Tendering)

Construction & Supervision Engineering Services

  • Construction supervision
  • Installation & Erection Supervision

Test & Guarantee Supervision Engineering Services

  • Commissioning and Start up Supervision
  • Performance Test Supervision

Planning & Controlling

Khouzestan Steel Company decided to produce a total of 4.2mtpa of liquid Steel in two meltshops. This would require 4.7mtpy of DRI (assuming 10% scrap usage) which could be provided by the existing modules plus two new Midrex-type modules. To meet this production a level of 6.7-6.8mtpy of pellets (depending on raw material characteristics) was required.
After discussions with Senior Management of KSC it was agreed that Hatch & Poolad to re-rate the pellet plant for the production of 6.8mtpy of screened pellets using predominantly home ores.

The contract between Khouzestan steel complex and German Corporartion, Lurgi Has been Made at 1974.
The Complex Has 3 active Midrex® Direct Reduction Modules, Producing 1,800,000 tpy Sponge Iron.
Contractors and Consultants:

  1. Foster Veiler Co. – Tehran Jonoob Co.
  2. Mashin Sazie Pars Co.
  3. Nader Construction Co.
  4. Tadbir Sanat Co.
  5. Kaiser Co.- Tadbir Sanat Co.

After Islamic Revolution in 1978 Most of These Corporation (Specially Lurgi, Kaiser and Foster Veiler) Have Abandoned The Site.
Poolad’s Liabality for Auditing current Situation

  1. Coordination between former Contractors and Consultants in order to Resolve Legal Disputes.
  2. Peparing the Main Tender For Second Pelletizing Plant Consisting of Proposed time schedule, Scope of Work and Making Contraction with proper Contractors
  3. Preparing The General Conditions of Contract
  4. Preparing The Specific Conditions of Contract
  5. Preparing Contractor’s Obligations
  6. Audition of Current Situation and Design for Repairing and Revamping Sections Damaged During Imposed War.

Water Distribution System Design
Water Storage Tanks Design
Review , Design and supervised for renovation of the plant

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