Sefid dasht- STEEL MAKING

Chahar Mahal va Bakhtiari- IRAN


Material Handling

Direct Reduction Plant



Poolad Services

Preparing main tender

Evaluation of main contractor

Pre-construction Engineering Services

  • Process Design Review
  • Basic & Detail Design Review
  • Procurement Engineering Review

Non industrial design

Construction & Supervision Engineering Services

  • Construction supervision
  • Installation & Erection Supervision

Test & Guarantee Supervision Engineering Services

  • Commissioning and Start up Supervision
  • Performance Test Supervision

Planning & Controlling



This project is taken from HALVAEI stank. The length of water pipeline is 34 km and flow rate of water is 220 lit/s.  Water pipeline includes pretreatment, valves and reservoir.


Design, Supply, Construction of transmission line for nominal voltage 400 KV, two circuits, 3 bundles line route length approx . 20 KM.

National Iranian Steel Company (NISCO) intends to implement an integrated steel-making plant including material receiving, stockpiling, DR, Melt Shop & CCM at Charmahal-va-Bakhtiyari province of Iran.

Raw material handling plant with nominal capacity of 2,500,000 TPY pellet and lump ore (provision of future expansion), direct reduction, SMS, and  CCM plant with nominal capacity of 800,000 TPY Slab, a cold briquetting plant with the capacity of 33,000 TPY is in the scope of  obligations of the EPC Contractor.
Contractor’s extent of responsibility will cover process, basic, detailed design, fabrication, testing, painting, protection, packing, marking and delivering of the complete Plant, machinery, equipment, material and spare parts, civil works, construction, erection, testing, tests on Completion and putting into operation the entire Plant on Site as well as provision of training, licenses and know-how to operate the Plant properly and efficiently.
Method of production : MIDREX.

Water transition pipeline

this site is under construction