Poolad establishment on 1983

Poolad Consulting engineers (PCE) was established on April 1983 to undertake different industrial projects in Iran and abroad. All activities encompasses a full range of industrial and general services based on department wise system. PCE proudly, started engineering practices based on IT system since 1990, and have done more than 120 large industrial and non-industrial projects which equipped with the latest updated computer network system and using the latest available software. All of the activities are done via workFlows (WF) and work orders (WO) through MS SharePoint 2013. After two decades of absence in international markets, because of the sanctions against our country, fortunately new chapter is opened in Iran-World economic relations.

As a member of FIDIC, Poolad Consulting Engineers supplies:

  • Process and Plant Design Engineering.
  • Information and business consultant engineering.
  • Construction management and supervision in mining, metallurgical, manufacturing, energy and infrastructure projects.
  • Expanded our operation by opening a branch office in Azarbaijan Sharghi.
  • We also obtained license of opening an engineering office in Azarbayjan province recently. Persian licence

Hence, PCE has valuable experiences in steel plant projects, especially pelletizing plants, we are gladly ready to cooperate with honorable foreign companies as a local partner in Iran, based on international standards and ethics, just like what we have done before. If you have the same interest, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

In order to have stronger and closer relations and providing required assurance in work & necessity of correlation with foreign companies,PCE has established "Poolad engineers Ltd" Co. in CANADA to ease the procedure.


Pre-Operation Engineering Services

Initial Engineering Services

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Preparing Main Tender
  3. Proposal Preparation
  4. Proposal Evaluation
  5. Selection of Main Contractor
  6. Pre-Construction Engineering Services

  7. Planning & Controlling
  8. Process Design
  9. Basic Design
  10. Procurement Engineering
  11. Detail Design
  12. Design Document Review
  13. Design Approval
  14. Sub-Contractors Selection (Manufacturer)
  15. Construction & Supervision Engineering Services

  16. Civil & Construction Supervision
  17. Field Engineering
  18. Installation & Erection Supervision
  19. Plant Mechanical Completion
  20. Test & PAC & FAC

  21. Commissioning Supervision
  22. Start Up (Put in Operation)
  23. Performance Test
  24. Post-Operation Engineering Services

  25. Hand Over (Issuance of Provisional Acceptance Certificate- PAC)
  26. Issuance Final Acceptance
  27. Technical Services in Operation Period