Ahwaz Pipe Mill (APM)



Poolad Services

Basic & Detail Design of P.E. coating plant

(Architectural, Civil, Utilities, Electric cons. works and Installation of Machinery).

  • Supervision and Commissioning
Plant Designer : HOESCH company

In this project the procedure of production for PolyEthylene coating pipe is in hose method. The specification of the products is as follows:
Diameter of coating pipe: 60.3-457 mm
Thickness of the pipe wall: 2.1-12.7 mm
Length: 6-12 m
Type: API 5L

The three applied coating including:

  • Epoxy coating within approximately thickness of 60-80 micron by the Electrostatic sprays
  • Sticky coating with the app. thickness of 170-250
  • Polyethylene coating with the thickness of 1.8-3 m by the Extruder machine

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