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Poolad departments

Poolad's departments are divided into 4 main categories: Management, Supporting, Engineering and Project Management.

A) Management departments

Board of Directors
Management Consultants
Quality Management

B) Engineering departments


Architecture department activities:

  • Design (Phase1&Phase2)
  • Drawing (Plans-Elevations-sections-Layout-Details-Door &Window Types)
  • Design Document Review
  • Presentation & 3D Modeling (Interior-Exterior) With Related Software Such as: Sketch up, 3D Max, Revit, Vary,
  • Estimation
  • Internal Activities (Recording Received Letter-Drawing Archives-Updating Projects Site-Updating References, E-book & Checklists- Recording Received & Released Letter- Updating Recent Layout-Demos-Data Base,)
Mechanical Utilities
Process & Research

Process department activities:

  • Design document review of received documents from contractor in pelletizing, direct reduction and steel making plants
  • Design of required processes for improvement of various plants, specifically pelletizing plants
  • Preparation of heat and mass and/or metallurgical balance documents for pelletizing plants with different capacities
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for different industrial plants
  • Accomplishment of basic and detail design such as finalization of the process flow diagram (PFD), and Piping and Instrumentation diagrams (P.& I.D) in pelletizing, direct reduction and steel making plants
  • Assessment and definition of process fundamentals and basic equipment requirements
Electrical & Instrumentation
& control

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control department activities:

  • Design of Electrical & Instrumentation & Control systems for various plants, specifically steel plants
  • Design of electrical facilities for industrial & non- industrial buildings
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for different industrial plants
  • P&ID detail design, in basis of basic design prepared by plant designer, specifically for steel plants
  • Preparation of tender documents for industrial plants
  • Evaluation of technical & financial proposals
Civil & Structure
Mechanical Machinery

C) Supporting departments

Training IT & Computer Center Planning & Control project -Industrial Engineering System Administration & Financial & accounting & Public Relation Project Supervision Juridiction

D) Project Management

Project Managers
Project Coordinators

Coordination section establish link between projects managers, technical departments and sites.

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